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RDB is the leading provider of recruitment software for agencies and organisations of all sizes. Our flagship CRM solution RDB ProNet is fully scalable and integrates seamlessly with a wide array of modular business tools.

Web Suite

Our online portals and job board reduces admin and keeps consultants focused on making placements.

Mobile Suite

Access data, meet client requirements and view your KPIs anytime, anywhere via our mobile app.

Recruitment CRM

RDB ProNet, our next-generation recruitment CRM, will revolutionise the way you do business.

Vendor Management

The ideal solution for corporate recruitment projects with multiple agency suppliers.

Online Timesheets

Automated timesheet management that delivers immediate efficiency gains and a clear ROI.

Built By Recruiters, For Recruiters

What Is Recruitment Software?

Recruiting software helps organisations of all sizes that improves your overall recruitment processes. This software will increase your time to hire and give recruiters the ability to find higher qualified potential candidates.

Why Use Recruitment Software?

Your organisation should use recruitment software to stay competitive in recruiting the most highly sort after candidates. Using a recruiting software, you will boost your recruitment process and allow you to perform more efficiently and effectively.

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The Benefits of Recruitment Software

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

    Eliminating tedious and repetitive tasks through automation removes the risk of errors, delays, and bias. Our recruitment software allows recruiters to work more efficiently, productively and quickly find the best candidates for the role.

  • Find high-quality candidates

    Your clients can view information on their high-quality candidates, allowing them to request interviews or make offers all through our recruitment software CRM. When using the CRM, clients are also able to perform searches on the database, view profiles and shortlist suitable candidates, meaning they get to see their vacancies being filled faster.

  • Expand your reach

    Using a recruitment software allows you to expand your reach when looking for qualified candidates through the ability to input information and make edits on each job board at once.

  • Keep professionals accountable

    Hold professionals accountable while maintaining complete transparency throughout the complete recruitment process. A recruitment software will allow this process by documenting every action by each user.

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RDB can be easily optimised to fit the exact needs of your business and integrate seamlessly with your other applications so that it speaks the unique language of your organisation.

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