Business Intelligence Reporting

With our Business intelligence software you can customise your dashboards and get the insights that really matter to your business. Gain visibility on recruitment metrics and KPIs such as the number of registered applicants, interviews booked and placements made in real time through interactive dashboards.

Customisable dashboards

  • Smart dashboards
    Create customised dashboards for each division to give your managers the information they need to work more effectively. Out of the box dashboards are also included.
  • Director level reporting
    Create a director level dashboard by merging data from across the organisation. Insight provides a complete view of performance to help you grow your business.
  • Flexible alerting system
    Set up flexible SMS or email alerts within aCloud Insight to keep you up to date on vital KPIs and when performance thresholds are surpassed.

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Connected to RDB ProNet and Dimensions

  • Your daily activity on your CRM generates a significant amount of information related to placements, interviews, assignments, timesheets, consultants’ KPIs and revenue.
  • With our business intelligence and reporting solution you can now pull information and data from RDB ProNet and Dimensions (Billing Software) to visualise performance and find out where improvements need to be made to hit targets.

Real Time Information on different devices

  • Mobile BI dashboards
    You can view top performance metrics dashboards from any device.
  • Visualise data in real time
    Create customised dashboards for each division to give your managers the information they need to work more effectively. Out of the box dashboards are also included.

Saas or On-premise

  • aCloud Insight can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.
  • You can choose the deployment that fits with your business model and existing infrastructure.

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At a glance

Make informed decisions and unlock the potential of your business with customisable reports and dashboards. Real time information accessible form multiple devices.

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First Choice Software have a developed a product in RDB Pro Net that has everything a business needs to deliver effective recruitment solutions. From its easy to use interface and advanced searching functions to its ability to customize to fit the exacts needs of our business. Value for money and return on investment is essential in today’s business world and RDB delivers just that. Whether you are actively looking to upgrade your recruitment CRM systems or not, RDB is product that must be looked at.

Patrick Bell – Director at Genesis Associates