Increase your candidate response rate with SMS


One of the biggest challenges in recruitment is communication with candidates and getting a timely response throughout the recruitment journey.

However, the current job market is extremely competitive and fast-paced, so recruiters need a solution to efficiently manage their candidate communication. A fast and effective way to communicate with candidates ensures they are not poached by other agencies or offered other roles.

Some of the common reasons behind the communication challenge are delayed responses, candidates not answering phones, emails getting blocked in spam filters, and messages that don’t quickly capture candidates’ attention.

With the response rate of emails at 20 percent, SMS is producing much greater open and response rates than these channels. Used well, SMS can drive an open rate of 90 percent opened in 90 seconds, with an overall open rate of 98 percent.

This preference for SMS communication is reflected across other industries as well, with smartphone users sending and receiving five times as many SMS compared with the number of phone calls each day.

These days SMS is the preferred communication, especially by millennials. To communicate quickly to your candidates, SMS has proven the most efficient way to enhance your business communications.

For efficiency, SMS can be automated and/or integrated into your existing system. Save time by using Web SMS, which enables you to send and receive messages from your desktop with all conversations logged to the particular applicant.

Use SMS throughout the recruitment journey in the following ways:

  • Reach out to potential candidates you have not met, to pique their interest in a position;
  • Use short trackable links to provide more information, such as job descriptions and company profiles;
  • Re-establish contact with candidates you haven’t contacted for a while;
  • Remind candidates of interviews or appointments to minimise no-show rates;
  • Keep candidates updated on the progress of their application;
  • Distribute new positions (via bulk SMS) to potential candidates with segmentation of your database to target the correct recipients;
  • As part of your marketing strategy, integrated into your marketing automation system.

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