Online Timesheets

An extension of RDB ProNet, the online timesheet portal allows clients and candidates to enter, view, edit and confirm Timesheet details making the entire process more efficient and generating a quick ROI.

Instant Updates

  • Both Candidates and Clients log on to a secure portal where they can easily create new timesheets or confirm submissions.
  • This software communicates directly with the RDB ProNet database so there are no imports or exports, just instant updates as they happen in real time.
  • Enables better visibility for clients and candidates throughout the process.

Notify Clients and Applicants

  • Candidates and Clients can be sent automated Email or SMS updates and reminders relating to timesheet submission.
  • These messages are fully customisable thereby providing a unique and personal service with no additional administration pressure on your team.
  • You can submit and approve candidates expenses.

Immediate Return on Investment

  • Increase in volume processing for no additional administration.
  • Works for online or offline timesheets.
  • You will be able to offer your clients a higher level of service without a significant increase in staffing and paperwork.

At a glance

With our Timesheets portal you streamline the whole timesheet process as clients and candidates have real time visibility on submission status and automated notifications. It works for both online and offline timesheets.