RDB ProNet – Recruitment Software

Next-generation Recruitment CRM that serves as a central hub for everything to do with assignments, contacts, candidates and clients.

Manage different Workflows

  • Applicant workflow: Correspondence with candidates, interviews, background checks and the on-boarding process.
  • Simple contact management: Execute key searches on client, candidate, and date range, set call back periods and view colleagues’ diaries. Empowering you to do more quicker than ever before.
  • For Permanent, Temp and Contract: Our recruitment software deals with all three core job types.
  • Zero disruption: In case a consultant leaves the business or is on vacation. You can keep track of every user’s activity on the system: calls, emails, texts, interviews booked and calendars.

Flexible and Customisable

  • For recruitment businesses of any size: From 1 to 1,000 users. RDBnow’s fully customisable CRM, RDB ProNet, allows you to add and remove functionalities according to your needs.
  • RDB Store: An innovative range of proprietary and third party plug-ins to RDB ProNet. From leading multi-posters like Idibu and Broadbean, to SMS broadcasters and popular add-ons such as Dot-mailer and Secured Signing.
  • Timesheets: An extension of RDB ProNet, the online timesheet portal allows clients and candidates to enter, view, edit and confirm timesheet details saving admin time and manual input. You can also submit and approve candidate expenses.
  • Web Portals and API: Web applications comprising a Job Board, a Candidate Portal and a Client Portal. They can be mixed and matched according to your needs.

Increase your efficiency

  • CV parsing integration: You can create an instant candidate record from data provided on a resume. Increase data accuracy and spend less time on administration.
  • Automated Emails or SMS: Applicants and clients can be sent automated Email or SMS ‘updates’ to either remind them of a timesheet to submit or to confirm or report the status of their timesheet submission.
  • Candidate search: Made easy thanks to our ‘Text search’ functionality that includes synonyms and related terms. Clearly highlights your search criteria.

Speed up your time to hire

  • Our recruitment software and integrated web suite brings candidates to interview stage quicker with instantly searchable jobs on your website and real-time candidate notifications. Applications can be processed easily via our integrations with Broadbean, Idibu or Logic Melon.
  • Automatically generate key documents including contracts, reference requests, and invoice covering letters. Improve productivity, consistency, and reduce time to hire.

Stay Compliant

  • RDB ProNet keeps your information secure and facilitates compliance with data protection laws.
  • Built-in automation features and customisable business rules enable you adhere to government regulations, safeguarding your business as well as ensuring the best outcomes for your candidates and clients.
  • RDB is the database of choice for sectors that are particularly sensitive to regulation changes, such as Heath, Aged Care, Labour Hire and Education.

Mobile and easy to use

Be productive on the move with our mobile app

  • Perform job searches.
  • View performance metrics.
  • Access client, contact, and applicant information.
  • Instantly capture and upload documentation such as right to work docs and passports.

At a glance

RDB ProNet guarantees increased productivity and a significant ROI. Gain a better view of your business while ensuring continuity and compliance with legislation. RDBnow offer several deployment options and the system can be used “out of the box” or customised for your organisation. Integrations with a host of other leading applications open the doors to an entire ecosystem of solutions to take your business to the next level.