Experts in recruitment for health and education

First Choice Software’s comprehensive CRM recruitment platform, RDB ProNet, has an unrivalled record of success as the business engine for numerous recruitment agencies working across the board, in all business sectors. Our recruitment solutions are designed with built-in flexibility to cope with the nuances of temporary and permanent candidate placements as well as the regulatory requirements of specific verticals.

Strong in health and education sectors

Some specialist recruitment agencies have chosen RDB ProNet as it has proven to be the only recruitment platform capable of handling the complexities and sophistication of the candidate evaluation they undertake.

Some sectors face tougher candidate vetting, and regulatory and compliance challenges, than others. The UK’s public sector, notably health services and education, is a sector in which agencies have to demonstrate much higher than average diligence and robust, rules-based processes.

First Choice Software enjoys a particularly strong client base in the health and education sectors as its recruitment solutions, with their enhanced security, rules-based automation and reliable audit trails, can be trusted to help recruiters to comply with sector requirements.

60% of agency-placed candidates in education are placed using RDB ProNet

According to data released by the Office for National Statistics, a fifth of people in employment work in the public sector, with the two largest employers being:

  • National Health Service: employs 1.6 million people
  • Education: employs 1.5 million people

It is thought that 60% of agency-placed candidates in the education sector are placed using RDB ProNet and a significant proportion of those placed in health.

Experts in Compliance

Comply with legislation

RDB ProNet keeps your information secure and facilitates compliance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore, its automation features ensure you adhere to Agency Worker Regulations and Working Time Directive, to ensure candidates receive relevant entitlements at the correct time, and guard against audits and investigation.

Shift handling

Often people working in the health and education sectors don’t work traditional hours; shift rotas can see their hours change on a daily or weekly basis. RDB ProNet enables you to track and manage variable shift patterns simply, by allowing people to log into the system and record their hours.

Online Timesheets

For more efficient time keeping, allow your clients and candidates to enter, view, edit and confirm timesheet details. Online Timesheets save huge amounts of administration time, paper costs, faxes and manual input with an automated, integrated and own-branded solution.