Vendor Management System

Our recruitment software can be extended to allow clients to manage Multiple Vendor Agreements. This extension provides additional data flow within the database and also Portals for 2nd Tier Agents and Vendor Contacts to work with the Vendor’s requirements.

Flexible workflow

  • This highly flexible system enables any third party to pass requirements or submit and track applications for automated or manual review and management by your team.
  • Also suitable for managing Internal Corporate Recruitment Projects, Sole Supplier or Preferred Supplier Agreements.

Integrated Branding

  • Our Vendor Management System (VMS) users do not need to leave the database to handle the workflow – the workflow is seamlessly contained within or added to the standard functionality.

Automated processes

  • Automated and configurable business processes cut out all unnecessary administration, leaving your Account Managers with more time to work with your clients.
  • Using ProNet s unique Sectorisation gives you the flexibility to run the Vendor Management System (VMS) on a single database platform thereby reducing the risk of data duplication across your business.

Live Updating

  • The RDB ProNet SQL Database uses Web Services to communicate live with the Vendor and 2nd Tier Agent Portals on your website, ensuring Instant updates between your database and website.

Vendor Client Portal

  • The Vendor Client can log on to their online portal to:
      • Add new requirements.
      • Review current requirements.
      • Process applications, accept, reject, request more information, request interviews, and more.
      • Download application documentation for specific placements.
      • Download and view reports you supply.
      • View placements and details.
      • Extend placements.
      • View applicant documentation
      • And much more! Request a demo to see it.

2nd tier or agency portal

  • Agency contacts have their own Online Portal that allows them to:
    • View new and current requirements.
    • Submit applications with the data you require.
    • Process applications, accept, reject, request more information, request interviews, and more.
    • Track applications. 

At a glance

Streamline your vendor management process and speed up your time to hire.