Virtual Office

With our Desktop as a Service solution, you can access all your files and your database anywhere, anytime. You only need an Internet connection to have at hand your virtual desktop with all your e-mails, the latest RDB ProNet recruitment software and Office applications.

For around $10 per day, per user

  • We will set you up with the latest copy of RDB ProNet, Outlook and other Office Applications on your own Virtual Desktop that you can access from anywhere.
  • We provide Virtual Office and Software Support, Server Software, Back ups, Anti Virus, Firewall, Outlook, Word and Excel Office applications.
  • Running on fast, high quality servers with a high degree of redundancy built in to the hardware/software infrastructure.
  • All backed up and fully supported.

Reduced IT support costs

  • Your IT costs drop down dramatically when working on a virtual desktop because as long as you can connect to the internet, our support team can look after the system.

At a Glance

With a Virtual desktop, each time you start a session you find everything is exactly where you last left it and just as accessible from the highway service station or client’s office as it was when you were working from home or the office.